Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Key Cutting Machines for Sale

Silca Lancer Plus - Little used good condidtion

Mortice Key Cutting Machine Similar to a MKI Lancer

Old Mancuna Mortice Key Cutting Machine

Keyline "easy" cylinder key cutting Machine

Thursday, 27 February 2014

Security Cylinder System Evva EPS xp

Evva EPS Patented Modular Cylinder system

If your home or business in Wilmslow, Macclesfield or Alderley Edge needs a high security locking system, then contact Cusworth Master Locksmiths on 01625 250275

Macclesfield Locksmiths
Cusworth Locksmiths Bollington Prestbury and Poynton
Master Locksmith Macclesfield

Evva EPS Manages to encompass a wide variety of solutions to today's requirements both at home or work:

  • Snap resistant cylinder
  • Bump resistant cylinder
  • Pick resistant cylinder
  • Modular system tailored to suit local requirements
  • Anti ligature options
  • Classroom option (stops thumb-turn locking - only allowing unlocking inside room)
  • Many locks on one key: Front door, garage, patio, gate padlock, etc.
  • Master keying
  • Patented key section stops unauthorised key duplication

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

how it works... a cylinder lock

Sunday, 24 November 2013

Finding a locksmith in Stockport

Now there are over 2,000  locksmiths currently trading in the UK how do you know which locksmith in Stockport to choose? 

Firstly, check out whether a locksmith is licensed by the Master Locksmiths' Association (MLA). This body is recognised as the authoritative body for locksmithing by the Home Office, setting and promoting standards of conduct, practice and materials within the trade. 

Gaining a licence from the MLA is very difficult, prospective locksmith companies undergo comprehensive inspection procedures. Look out for the logo indicating that the company advertising it is approved by the MLA, which features two crossed keys on a yellow background and bears the name of the MLA

Locksmiths are often based in a shop, but many are mobile, working out of a vehicle, with a workshop. Many are employed by large locksmithing companies, while others are "one man bands". 

Stockport Locksmiths will cover a whole range of services:

General domestic locksmith, such as wooden door and window locks & keys
UPVC door and window locks and locking mechanisms 
Access control, such as maglocks, code locks and proximity systems
Commercial locksmith, such as shutter locks, master key systems, door closers, padlocks etc.
Safes supplied, repair and service 
Auto locksmith

As described above, the services offered by different companies can vary. Many locksmiths specialise in one aspect of the trade. Check your locksmith is knowledgable in the areas you require, you might be able to find a locksmith who is an expert in that field, and locksmiths are frequently certified in specific skill areas or to a certain level of skill within the trade. Always consider a locksmith's level of skills  and whether or not he or she has the expertise to do the best possible job.

Look at the reviews of the locksmith company online, some are obviously not genuine! Yell and Thomson seen to be worse for this, with very similar reviews posted by allegedly different customers. 
Always check your locksmith's credentials. In the UK check to make sure the company is Licensed by the Master Locksmiths Association

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

A history lesson from Yale Locks


The Yale Pin-Tumbler Lock Invention

Yale's best-known lock design is the cylinder Pin-Tumbler Lock.

What is a Pin-Tumbler Lock?

The Pin-Tumbler Lock is a lock mechanism that uses pins of varying lengths to prevent the lock from opening without the correct key.

The invention has new become widespread around the World and is, by far, the most used security locking mechanism in use today. In Stockport common derivatives are the rim "nightlatch" aka Yale lock and the recently popular "euro profile" cylinder used in uPVC and composite doors used across the Stockport area. This type of lock is simple to use and is very reliable. If your pin tumbler lock is worn, or, you have lost your keys contact your local Master Locksmith in Stockport of advice and service - 0161 669 4597

Friday, 1 November 2013

Key cutting in Wilmslow

Finding someone who can cut keys in Wilmslow can be quite difficult, with the usual Cobblers or heel bars cutting expensive and, in many cases, badly fitting keys. These can sometimes accelerate wear & tear on your locks ultimately requiring a lock change.

At Cusworth's, we make sure all our machinery is calibrated correctly, and we had finish each mortice key (such as Chubb or Union mortice locks), by hand ensuring the key works with the lock - not wearing it out prematurely.

Properly trained staff ensure the correct key blanks are selected, using "universal" type keyblanks are used only when absolutely necessary.

Master Locksmiths Association key cutting information