Wednesday, 7 September 2011

stockport upvc locksmiths weak points of upvc doors

uPVC door weak points

As Locksmiths in Stockport and Manchester we see a lot of ways uPVC doors are bypassed.

The first weakness on a uPVC door is the cylinder which can be:-

  • low quality - giving rise to picking and raking
  • wrong size - projecting on attack side more than 5mm - giving rise to snapping
the second weakness are the handles:-

The next is the locking mechanism -

  • there should be hookbolts fitted. some old doors are fitted with rollers which can by bypassed quite easily. also check the frame where each hook and roller fits, to ensure they are locking correctly 

 lastly the infill panels-

 these can be badly fitted and externally beaded, and badly fitted we can supply enhanced repacments

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