Saturday, 12 November 2011

This is what you get if you call out a non MLA Manchester locksmith!
Emergency Locksmith in Manchester!

From outside you can see the size of the hole!

The door has lost all strength
The story goes, student locks herself out of room in Manchester Flat. This is probably what happened...

Landlord calls 1st big advert in Yellow Pages, and a man who had probably been on a 3 day locksmith course turns up to work his magic.

The so called Manchester Locksmith is faced with a 5 lever deadlock, he is immediately stumped. His course didn't cover lever locks, just picking a worn 3 pin cylinder and desk locks. He did have a lock opening guide bought for £200 which tells him the exact drilling point for many locks. but of course he does not know what lock is fitted!

He drills a hole, and mangles the levers.

He drills another hole, and makes things worse.

The lock is now totally jammed, and he is quite embarrassed ! (well, he should be!)

He resorts to smacking the lock out of the back of door.

Charges £180

And off he goes to the next job, with the words "that was a very high security lock, you will need to get a joiner to repair the door"

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